New track in Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki

TV shows are all about TRP’s and the makers leave no stone unturned to have it in their favor.  They purportedly divulge from the original track and use the tried n tested success formula of others to grab more eyeballs.

Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki is the latest show to follow the lead. They came up with a not so new, yet a different storyboard, tried a new international location, infused some high voltage immigration and marriage drama but none could get them the TRP’s the channel Colors’ was eyeing for.

Till recent the show was about Kishan who works overseas, far from his roots to reinstate the lost pride of his family but never compromises on values drilled in his blood by his family. Falling prey to devious plans, he enters into a marriage relationship with Bhoomi.

Now that we have son of the family married to an NRI girl without the so called permission of the family, what do we do next? Simple. You have a cult Saas-Bahu dare saga rocking on our TV. So Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V…. Oh I mean take some inspiration from it. They have restricted themselves to a count of 3 challenges; you take it a notch higher.

Ansu Baa has put forth 9 days – 9 challenge condition for Bhoomi, in order to accept her as a new member of their family. We have seen that Bhoomi is struggling with it and has accepted Ansu Baa’s 2nd challenge. And very soon we will see Ansu Baa accepting Kishan’s hard earned money.

Show’s storyline taking a turn is agreeable but then this recent development in the show is a little hard for me to swallow. Especially for a girl like Bhoomi, who is so ardently in love in with Kishan that without even knowing if he loved her back; was ready to tie knot with him just so that he can stay in US and fulfill his promise to his family. Instead of being thankful to her and accepting her; this 9 challenge criteria is bringing out the negative of the so called Sanskaar of the Vaishnav family.

The track is entering in same old, most favourite genre of Indian TV – the Saas-Bahu drama. Honestly, I don’t like the way this new track is shaping up and hope curtains for this segment pretty soon. Readers, what do you think about this? Do let us know if you like this new track. Share your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions

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